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Learn about our expedition to the frontlines of authentic, planet-friendly travel. Watch this video to hear from Mount founders and members just how life-changing the journey has been.

Our Story

Discover the small steps and significant strides that led CEO Madison Rifkin to the creation of Mount and our resulting journey to turn a passionate vision into a practical mission.


CEO Madison Rifkin is awarded the patent to create Mount.

In 2012, something truly remarkable happened: at the ripe age of 12, Madison Rifkin was granted a patent for her groundbreaking invention, a bike lock that would go on to become the cornerstone of what is now known as Mount. At that time, Mount Locks was just a seed of an idea in Madison’s mind, but her desire to become an entrepreneur who would go on to change the world burned brightly in her dreams—even though she did not yet know what that would look like in reality. This early-stage patent was the first spark that ignited her journey to reshaping the way we experience adventure.

August 2021:

Mount is accepted into the Blue Startups accelerator.

Fast forward to August 2021, and Mount had reached another pivotal milestone. After being accepted into the prestigious Blue Startups technology accelerator, we began a new chapter embarking on a three-month adventure in Hawaii and becoming nomadic travelers with nothing more than the duffle bags on our backs. In doing so, we encountered the many challenges faced by travelers who need essential items like snorkels, towels, and beach chairs but lack convenient and efficient ways to obtain them. This firsthand experience became the driving force in Mount’s mission to create a shared economy for travelers where we can rent anything, anytime, from anyone.

November 2021:

The Mount team is formed.

In November of 2021, the Mount team united as a diverse group of nomads, travel enthusiasts, and visionary Gen Z individuals who shared a common goal—to transform the world through travel. This collaboration of unique souls marked the official birth of our vibrant community.

November 2022:

Mount is awarded first prize in the NYC 2022 Startup Competition Better Places Category.

In 2022, Mount emerged victorious as the winner in the Better Places category of the NYC Startup Competition, a recognition that underscored our commitment to creating better, more sustainable travel experiences.

October 2022:

CEO Madison Rifkin is named the VRMA Rising Star 2022 Winner.

Rifkin was honored with the VRMA Rising Star Award, further validating Mount’s place as an up-and-coming force in the travel and adventure industries.

November 2023:

Mount is listed in the Hot 23 Travel Startups for 2023 List by Phocuswire.

Mount’s star continued to rise in 2023 as we earned a coveted spot on Phocuswire’s prestigious list of Hot 23 Travel Startups for 2023, establishing our position as a game-changer in the travel startup landscape.

April 2023:

Mount is named the Shortyz Rising Star 2023 Winner.

Our journey reached new heights as we were named the Shortyz Rising Star 2023 winner, celebrating our rapid ascent to excellence and the significant impact we are making within the travel industry.

October 2023:

Mount launches its mini marketplace for concierges and curators.

Mount launches its mini marketplace for concierges and curators. In the fall of 2023, Mount reached a monumental milestone in placing the spirit of adventure back into the hands of locals, expanding this community of explorers and creating the foundation for exponential growth.

Our values


It’s important to us that travel spaces quickly and responsibly shift their priorities to taking good care of the earth and making choices that steward the planet’s resources well.

Empowering Communities

In everything we do, we hope that locals around the globe can share in and celebrate the offerings that only they and their homes possess.


We believe everyone should be able to experience the world on their own time and at their own pace, regardless of race, class, sexuality, or gender identity. We embrace and welcome all explorers!

An Expansive Mindset

Innovation is the motor behind our operations, so at Mount, we are fighting the allure of complacency to ensure that these once-in-a-lifetime adventures become commonplace.


In an increasingly divided world, we aim to create meaningful, life-giving opportunities for connection, cooperation, storytelling, and solidarity.

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Introducing the new standard of eco-friendly exploration.

Whether you’re a local beekeeper hosting honey tastings, a bed and breakfast owner with a new chalet, or a rock climbing instructor leading new routes, you can implement the user-friendly Mount software to offer your guests a remarkable experience!

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