October 13, 2023

Beyond the Booking: Creating a Memorable Guest Experience

Beyond the Booking: Creating a Memorable Guest Experience

By Ellen Schaeffer and Natalie Sarrett

To stand out in an ever-changing travel landscape, the promise of a panoramic view will no longer do. 

Travelers are craving a new kind of memory-making experience that will be recounted around campfires with friends for years to come. 

Your mission is to give them something to brag about when they return home! 

We know that nomad life is evolving quickly and the competition is fierce, but you’ve got Mount to help you offer more than just an aesthetic place to stay. With our services and your curation of a novel vacation, you will be offering explorers an unforgettable adventure they can’t wait to post about. 

Because we’re all about empowering you—our incredible curators—to create one-of-a-kind guest experiences that leave them nostalgic and ready to rebook, here are a few practical ways you can use our software to increase your engagement: 

If you are a rental or Airbnb host…

  • Include exciting add-ons like e-bikes and kayaks in your listings! You don’t have to worry about liability—Mount streamlines the entire process from booking and calendar management to curator and guest mediation.
  • Get creative with experiential extras! If you have a fire pit, offer a smores package. Hosting a women’s retreat? Provide a charcuterie board or basic skincare parcels. Bachelor party? Spice things up with photo props and decorations. With Mount handling both payments and notifications, it’ll be a breeze on both ends.
  • If you’re not up for in-house experiences, that’s no problem. You can still take advantage of our extensive network of local guides and activities! So sit back, kick your feet up, and watch the bookings roll in. 

If you are curating and managing your own gear and experience listings…

  • Consider your hobbies a new revenue stream! Are you an avid beekeeper? Host a custom honey or mead tasting in your backyard. Go whitewater rafting with your buddies every weekend? Offer to lead a group expedition through some challenging rapids. Turning a profit doesn’t have to be complicated—use what you’ve already got to make your travelers’ experience one of a kind!
  • Give your possessions a second life by renting specialized equipment to our intrepid nomads! Travelers today want to pack light and skipped the checked bag fees, meaning bulky adventure gear is probably not stowed away in their rucksacks. By offering your kayaks, bouldering crash pads, and trekking poles as add-ons to their Mount experiences, you’re ensuring that your travelers have what they need to make some unforgettable memories!
  • If you own a restaurant, venue, or local business, make sure your Mount mini marketplace is up to date and your travelers are informed about off-the-menu specials, seasonal offerings, and upcoming events they may want to attend. Every chance to engage with your guests is an opportunity to showcase the spirit of adventure and the essence of your home!

When you go the extra mile with Mount in offering personalized touches to your guests, you're not just a rental facilitator—you're a curator of extraordinary experiences. This pivot in the way you run your business will turn one-time visitors into loyal guests who keep coming back for more memories.

Together, we can make travel truly exceptional. Happy curating! 

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Introducing the new standard of eco-friendly exploration.

Whether you’re a local beekeeper hosting honey tastings, a bed and breakfast owner with a new chalet, or a rock climbing instructor leading new routes, you can implement the user-friendly Mount software to offer your guests a remarkable experience!

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