October 13, 2023

So Why Mount?

So Why Mount?

By Natalie Sarrett

The cat’s out of the bag: luxury is no longer reserved for the 1%. 

At Mount, we believe the thrill of unfettered exploration shouldn’t just exist for a privileged few, so we’re making adventures more accessible by returning the power to your hands, the cherished traveler. 

By using Mount’s concierges and curators, you gain access to authentic experiences that are guided and vetted by seasoned locals. And with these recommendations from our trusted partners, you’ll be able to uncover a city’s best-kept secrets in no time, making life on the road convenient without breaking the bank!

Discover the best views of the northern lights, test your palate with a fresh honey mead tasting, paddle your way to secluded swimming holes, or push your limits hiking an active volcano—all with the expertise and gear you need, provided by your attentive Mount curators and concierges. 

Not only that—you can enjoy all of Mount’s benefits while knowing you are exploring ethically and leaving our planet better than you found it! Our services allow nomads to travel in sustainable, earth-friendly ways that offer a tailormade, unforgettable experience while building community and leaving a light footprint. 

No more falling into tourist traps. Let local experts unveil their home’s hidden gems, from secret cave networks to cozy family-run B and B’s!

As the dawn breaks on a new era of exploration, Mount stands at the forefront, unlocking a new spirit of adventure and truly investing in our patrons. Because for us, sustainable travel isn't just a trend—it's a way of life. 

So lace up those boots and get ready to embark into a world where every journey helps you make an extraordinary memory and leave a positive impact on our planet! 

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Introducing the new standard of eco-friendly exploration.

Whether you’re a local beekeeper hosting honey tastings, a bed and breakfast owner with a new chalet, or a rock climbing instructor leading new routes, you can implement the user-friendly Mount software to offer your guests a remarkable experience!

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